Recruitment Training at Navi Mumbai

The Skilled Recruitment Is a base of every HR Management personal.

With the increasing need for skilled Resource in industry we Believe the Recruitment should be skilled to pick the right resource. This is the competition era you have to be perfect as an recruiter to Manage the Best Manpower for your company which is the only way to boost your career.

  • Our Modules of Training :

    Module 1 (Introduction to Recruitment) [Theory + Practical]
    Basic concepts of Recruitment
    Market Study [Practical]
    Industrial Research
    Case Study Preparation
    Scope of Recruitment

    Task No. One

    Module 2 (Recruitment Skills) [Theory + Practical]

    Introduction to JOB Portals
    Use of Portals
    Search Strategies
    Job/Profile analysis
    Leads generations
    Screening Strategies
    Follow up
    Social Recruitment
    Advanced Recruitment Skills
    Head Hunting
    Social Sites Updates
    Job postings on social networks
    Database Maintenance

    Task No. Two

    Module 3 (Client Coordination) [Theory + Practical]

    Regular Interaction with Clients
    Analyzing the need of clients
    Scheduling / Drives
    Client Relationship
    Regular follow up with both the sides
    Good and clear communication
    SPOC (Single Point of Contact)
    Feedback Maintenance

    Task No. Three

    Module 4 (Self Improvement and Mind setup)

    Task performance
    Case studies
    Motivational lectures
    The Secret.( A Movie : 2 Hour )
    Last Lecture on Application of the teaching of Movie In to Recruitment.

    Final Task



Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, selecting, and on boarding a qualified person for a job. At the strategic level it may involve the development of an employer brand which includes an 'employee offering'.The stages of the recruitment process include: job analysis and developing a person specification; the sourcing of candidates by networking, advertising, or other search methods; matching candidates to job requirements and screening individuals using testing (skills or personality assessment); assessment of candidates' motivations and their fit with organisational requirements by interviewing and other assessment techniques.

We provide Recruitment Training.Our Training Modules are totally Based on practical Plate form.We believe Recruitment can only be understand by working in a live environment with open Profile.Here at GratitudeStone Solutions you will be handling live profiles,clients,interviews before showing your performance at your Company.This will boost your Confidence and Higher your Recruitment skills.

We deliver intensive management training programs to effect enduring impact in the mindset and performance of people resulting in sustainable competitive advantage for their organizations. The training programs address specific challenges faced by the organizations to help participants devise appropriate solutions as takeaways while they learn.
We Offer 100% Job Assistance as we deal with Recruitment and Human Resource Outsourcing.We have a very good Pool of Clients looking for skilled Recruiters.Here at GratitudeStone Solutions you will be trained on all kinds of Job Portals,Advertising sites,Job Sites etc....We Have our own database to work on and to test your Skills.We will Provide you the Test Bed where you can practice to higher your Recruitment Skills.Our futuristic HR consultancy solutions add tremendous value to best in class companies and aspiring world beaters alike to stay ahead of competition

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